Newlyweds celebrating with friends at Opera Bar, Sydney with view of Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sam and Dan knew they wanted to get married but just did not have the time (or inclination) to plan a “wedding”. What they did have time for, was to book a hotel in the city, invite their two best mates, pack a basket full of booze and get hitched by the harbour in the golden light of sunset, before heading out on the town for a night of celebrating.

Day of the week: Friday
Ceremony type: Custom Sit & Sign
Number of guests: 2 (witnesses only)
Ceremony: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
Celebration: Opera Bar
Celebrant: Andrea Calodolce
Photographer: Samantha Heather


Sam and Dan were so carefree and relaxed, they were able to enjoy themselves fully while they got married. This group of mates were having such a good time that celebrant Andrea had to corral them so she could actually get Sam and Dan married.


The Royal Botanic Gardens are the perfect spot for a quick and easy ceremony. Nowhere else can you get such a variety of settings (lush gardens, harbour, Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge and a huge choice of bars to celebrate at after) all in the one general area. And sunset… if you’re only having a short photo shoot, sunset is the time to wed.

Bride and groom with two witnesses and celebrant Andrea Calodolce getting married in Royal Botanic Gardens with view of the Sydney Opera House

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